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Enrollment Criteria for Tomah High School AP English Classes: “A” or “B” in current English AND teacher recommendation  

Summer Reading Requirements:  All students read required works during the summer. Follow your specific grade level requirements! Some of these books may be available as ebooks in the THS Library or online. You will only be able to access this account if you are currently in high school (sorry, incoming freshmen!) For instructions on how to access  your account, click here THS Library Follett Shelf E-book Access Instructions. 

I.  Read English 9 2020 AP Prep 9 Requirements

   A. Read Of Mice and Men full text 

   B. Complete requirements  identified on the Requirement Letter

   C. Bring study guide and novel to class the first day!

II.  Read English 10 AP Prep Requirements:

   A. Read I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. This book is available from the school.

   B. Complete the study guide.

   C. Bring study guide and novel to class the first day!

III. AP English Literature will read AP Lit Summer Reading Letter 2020

   A. Read How to Read Literature Like a Professor and a novel from the approved list.

   B. Complete the prompts listed in the instructions using the novel you chose from the list.

   C. Here are pdf links of the short stories you are allowed to use with the prompts: The Black Cat, The Most Dangerous Game, The Scarlet Ibis, Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge, The Lesson, Hills Like Elephants, A Rose for Emily, Barnburning, Eveline, The Veldt, There Will Come Soft Rains, The Yellow Wallpaper, The Lottery.

   D. Bring completed work and books with you to class on day 1.

IV. AP English Language read AP Lang Summer Reading Letter 2020

   A.  Read your book from the approved list. Audio is available for purchase on sites such as audible.com. for most of these books. 

   B.  Follow the note taking strategies on the letter.

   C. Complete the REHUGO project I taught in class and have explained in the letter.

   D. Bring all work and your book on day 1 of class.

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