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Our vision is that all preschool age children of the Tomah Area School District will have equal access to a safe, nurturing, early educational experience that will build the foundation to become a lifelong learner.

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Welcome to the Timber PUPS (Partners United for Pre-School) 4K webpage.  The 4K program is located at the following places:

Oakdale Elementary School
Tomah Area School District

Noah's Ark Christian Pre-School
Chris Urmanski, Director

LaGrange Elementary School
Tomah Area School District

Warrens Elementary School
Tomah Area School District

Tomah School of Childhood
Kimberly Eckelberg, Director

Lemonweir Elementary School
Tomah Area School District

Tomah Area Montessori School (TAMS)
Tomah Area School District

Timber PUPS Recycle!

Oakdale, Warrens, Noah's Ark, LaGrange and Lemonweir 4K classes visited Gordy's Supermarket to distribute the Earth Day reusable shopping bags they painted as a Compassion Project.   Thank you to to Gordy's for an awesome job welcoming the 4K students  with a tour and providing some delicious fruit as a healthy snack.

Adoption of Academic Standards for the 2020-21 School Year

The Tomah Area School District has adopted the Common Core State Standards for English/language arts (ELA) and Common Core Math Standards. In the area of science, the Next Generation Science Standards have been adopted.  In the area of social studies, the Wisconsin Standards for Social Studies have been adpoted and for all other content areas, the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards have been adopted as the academic standards.

These academic standards were adopted by the Board of Education on July 20, 2020, and recorded in the Board minutes.

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