5-Spot Savers Club

Through collaboration between the Tomah Area School District and TACU Credit Union, 5-Spot Savers Club provides an opportunity for elementary students to learn the value of money management while at school.TACU Credit Union Mascot 5-Spot

Students are saving money and having fun at the same time! Here’s how:

Every Tuesday, students can make deposits into their TACU Credit Union account while at school. For every $10 they deposit, they receive a $0.25 deposit into their account as a reward for continuing to save. At the end of each school quarter, TACU Credit Union donates $100 to the top three classrooms from three different schools who make the most in-class deposits. It’s a great way to reward teachers and students for developing good savings habits.

For more information, contact TACU Credit Union at 608.372.4736 or visit TACU Credit Union Online.