Robert Kupper Staff

Sarah Dunford

RKLC Building Secretary

Vickie Horman

Middle School, High School, and Robert Kupper Library Media Specialist

Bev Kennedy

Pupil Services Administrative Assistant

Michele Knudtson

School Psychologist

Heather Lenning

Pupil Services Administrative Assistant

Kara Lorenz

School Nurse

Amy McCarthy

Occupational Therapist (OT) Assistant

Denise Moser

School Psychologist

Lisa Rochester

Physical Therapist (PT) Assistant

Paul Skofronick

Director of Pupil Services

Jami Vitcenda

RKLC Excel Program Teacher

Tony Vitcenda

RKLC Milwaukee Street Academy Teacher

Dawn Waddell

Physical Therapist (PT)

Katie Wallace

Decisions Program Teacher

Ryan Weigel

School Psychologist

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