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Lemonweir Mentorship Program Overview


To support the education and health of students at Lemonweir School by leveraging the volunteer spirit of our Tomah community.

Why mentoring matters:

  • The goal of each mentoring relationship will be to help a student transition into the school day so that they can be successful in their school environment. Desired outcomes include: improved academic performance, fewer disciplinary referrals, and greater display of school district values of “value self, value others, value learning.”
  • A study conducted in 2007 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation showed that mentored youth did significantly better than youth in the non-mentored comparison group on a number of important outcome measures including: fewer depressive symptoms, greater acceptance by their peers, more positive beliefs about their ability to succeed in school, and better grades in school.

How it will work:

  • Mentors from the Tomah community will volunteer one morning each week, between 7:15-8:15 a.m. Mentors can volunteer more than one morning each week if their schedule allows.
  • Each student selected for the mentorship program (selected by Lemonweir School staff) will be paired with a mentor who can provide consistent weekly support during the school year.
  • The mentors will greet their students when they arrive at school; sit with students and talk to them; escort students to lockers and classroom and help them get organized; and coach students through transition into the classroom. The focus will be on building a trusting relationship and allowing the student to experience positive adult contact.
  • Lemonweir School functions on a year-round schedule. The school year ends June 6, 2019 and begins July 17, 2019. Returning mentors (those who participated in the 2019 spring semester) will be invited to reconnect with their student in July. New mentors will be encouraged to begin meeting with their student mid-August after an orientation has been completed.

“The most wonderful thing about a mentor is not to show them the value of textbook knowledge, but to show them the value within themselves.”

Nicki Pope, Lemonweir Principal   


Interested in volunteering?

Please fill out the Interest Form by clicking here or use the 'Become a Mentor' button on the left side of this page to start the volunteer process.

Prior to being paired with a student, individuals interested in mentoring will need to complete:

  • A background check from the Tomah Area School District
  • A Tomah Area School District Mentoring Interest Volunteer Form (this will be emailed to you after the background check is complete)
  • A mentor orientation that provides more background on the partnership and expectations for the mentoring relationships

Mentors will be encouraged to participate in a mid-semester check-in after they begin mentoring with the building principal or with their designee.

How will we know if we’re making a difference?

  • The long-term goal of this partnership is to create an effective mentorship model that will set up students for success in school.
  • At the completion of a full academic school year data will be reviewed. This data may include information from students, teachers, mentors, school administrators and parents in the form of surveys, academic gains and discipline referrals to determine additional modifications to increase the positive impact made on students.

This program has been adapted from Gundersen Global Partners-At Home, a department of the Gundersen Medical Foundation (2016).