Miller Elementary offers many opportunities for students to be involved in many special activities throughout the school year.

Buddy Classes

An intermediate grade class (3rd, 4th, 5th) and a primary grade (Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd) have students "buddy" up for the school year to do "Buddy" projects related to curriculum.

Miller Mail

This is our very own Inner-school mail system. 3rd-5th graders are official postal workers (collectors, facers/cancellers, sorters and delivers) Students from every grade send letters to friends and family at Miller each week.

Safety Patrol

The fifth grade students on Safety Patrol are doing a great job. They have been trying different posts throughout the school.     

Information about the Safety Patrol trip to Washington DC is available at Monroe County Safety Patrol. Any questions regarding the Safety Patrol program can be directed to the County Safety Patrol Advisor, Cedric Schnitzler at 608-269-5228, or email

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