School Calendar Modifications- last day now June 7

***After this letter was published, there was another inclement weather day on April 11.  The last day for students is now Friday, June 7***

The weather from January 22-February 22 resulted in 8 school days lost.  The information below was sent to parents and staff in the Tomah Area School District by Superintendent Zahrte on February 19.

Last night at the regular Board of Education Meeting, Board members approved a plan for making up lost instructional time for students.  We have had seven (7) inclement weather days this winter.  The first three days do not have to be made up as we have sufficient instructional minutes to cover them.  Here is how students will make up the additional four days:

  • Monday, February 18  (fourth inclement weather day make-up)
  • Monday, April 22 (fifth inclement weather day make-up)
  • Friday, May 17 (sixth inclement weather day make-up)
  • Beginning March 4 through the end of the school year we will add 10 minutes to each instructional day with students.  Classes will begin five minutes earlier and end five minutes later.  (Each building will need to adjust class time within the building to accommodate this additional 10 minutes.)  This additional time provides us with 600 additional minutes (10 hours) which is about a day and a half of instruction. 

This plan does still result in the last day for students being June 6, at this time.  Obviously if we have additional inclement weather days, we will need to make further adjustments.  However, the plan also provides us with some additional instructional minutes so that if we do have more inclement weather days, there is some flexibility without going into the second week of June with students.  It is our hope that we will not need to extend the school year into the 2nd week in June.  We will just have to wait and see what "old man winter" still has in store for us. 

More information will be communicated as decisions are made regarding necessary changes to the school calendar.  Hopefully warmer spring weather will move our way soon.   

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